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Wholesale / Retail Clothing and Textile Importers = Vladimír MANDA

Welcome, you are in our online online wholesale and retail apparel

All goods packed in 1pcs, you can shop at retail prices for personal consumption after 1pcs.

To get the price list, please register in case you are interested in wholesale prices for resale (quantity discounts) contact us in advance and agree on the terms and conditions!

We deliver to SLOVAKIA :









Another RETAIL SALE of children's clothing for selection of sizes and colors can be found in the piece e-shop: www.wolf-manda-outl at wholesale you can buy 1pcs only 1pcs goods, it is universal size.

About the company Vladimír MANDA

We are a company that came to the market as the first online wholesale of represented brands in the Czech Republic and throughout Europe, so-called our know-how. We have created online wholesale based on long-term experience in the clothing market since 13 February 1991 . We still have our dealers to take care of their customers on their routes across the Czech Republic. We have established a company together with several of our stone shops, we also have a retail e-shop where you can watch the favorite goods of our customers, we operate the eshop primarily to prove that the sale of the offered brands is possible and especially profitable! In retail we collect information from our customers to help you and recommend the most popular assortment, according to your focus. We would be happy to advise you in any direction of selling clothes if you are interested.

Our motto is, "Dress good and cheap" .

Our goal is to provide Czech customers with high-quality , yet affordable and tasteful clothing in acceptable quantities according to their needs for the smooth running of the business.

We import mainly from the European states of Hungary, Germany, France, Poland, England, Turkey, Italy, Greece. Our satisfied customers include shopping malls, stone shops, e-shops, market stalls and end customers. Here at the online wholesale e-shop we offer goods from Czech and foreign suppliers for all family members, but with a special focus on clothes for babies from infant to toddlers' clothing for girls and boys. We also sell women's and men's clothing, home textiles , promotional textiles, fashion accessories, footwear, shop supplies.

We cooperated with our wholesaler in more than 6,000 trades / tradesmen from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, as well as neighboring countries. We believe that you will be happy with our services and establish long-term cooperation that will contribute to our development, but also your business. We are always ready to resolve mutually beneficial business conditions and start long-term business cooperation. With a bigger takeover, we can agree on QUANTITATIVE DISCOUNTS , we are very glad to become your supplier, WE ARE LONG-TERM COOPERATION! As the main intermediary of the trade of our represented producers we strive to continuously improve the mutual cooperation between the MANUFACTURER and the CUSTOMER, each new cooperation contributes to the development of our company, which you will surely notice over time.

164052.jpg Advantages of cooperation with our wholesale clothing

You have certainly come up with dozens of offers from various wholesalers,

therefore we want to say to you our advantages, which are:

- We try to deliver goods within 24 hours if your order is sent until 8:00.
- We distribute at the recommended prices of the manufacturers of our selected brands from the packages.
- Every day, we extend our range of clothing to selected brands under one roof.

- We offer the latest collection of selected brands.
- We do not refrain from adapting your requirements and so exaggerate our cooperation.

- Specialization in the clothing market and the ability to advise in the industry on the basis of long-term retail experience.
- Contact options on the phone constantly, fast response via e-mail, Skype, account. form
- Long standing on the Czech clothing market, our company has been in existence since 13 February 1991.
- Individual approach, possibility of agreement on terms (customer-specific conditions).
- Informing about news and merchandise sales through e-shop system and newsletter.
- Receipt of all complaints and quick return of funds.
- We distribute goods for FREE throughout the Czech Republic, Slovakia, but also across Europe.
- Payment in cash, cash on delivery, bank transfer (GE Money Bank, Fio Banka (free of charge for SR), in case of delivery possible payment in cash.

- Once the payment history has been obtained, the option to collect to maturity (invoice).
- By agreement, the delivery of goods to your dealer.
- Possibility of booking / pre-ordering goods up to half a year in advance.

- There is no minimum collection, we deliver packages of sizes, eg 98-128 is 6 sizes, ie 6 packs.

- Pre-orders (reservations) for underground and fast-selling goods.
- Possible to buy 1 piece at wholesale prices, more on e-mail

In addition, our company offers:

Content of offer:

2. Wholesale 1pc and more wholesalers, see below.

3. Goods in commission = dealer program = rental of e-shop filled with goods under your name = , you can send e-mail, subject: dealer program

4. Promotional textiles suitable for common wearing and for printing (quality and very inexpensive).

2. Wholesale 1pc and more wholesale at wholesale prices.

We offer goods for VO prices from the new e-shop

(This outlet-retailer has a blue look and you can also get it by clicking on it

wholesale green e-shop , a new one is needed

registration and subsequent allocation of VO prices, see below.)

Registration to blue e-shop:

After registration, please write us about the award of the VO price.


3. Goods in commission = dealer program = rental of e-shop filled with goods.

We also offer this cooperation: Rental of e-shop

- This blue outlet e-shop is duplicated with all goods = dealer

program (We rent a duplicate of a blue e-shop that is linked to ours.

The product will automatically update you for both the deleted items and the goods you have

we are constantly adding.

You save a lot of time, you do not have the money you need in goods and warehouses,

offer you a wide range

choice of goods, you are mainly involved in promotion.

For more information, please write to us.


4. Promotional textiles suitable for normal wearing and for printing.

Do not miss the SALE section = T-shirts from CZK 20, -

Offer quality ad textile from the catalog:









We recommend you read our TERMS AND CONTRACT HOW TO BUY , before you send a binding order. main menu functions. We can prevent any misunderstandings. We hope you choose and we now wish you a nice purchase.

We offer the so-called DEALERS PROGRAM = rental of the e-shop

You have the ability to set margins, payments, delivery methods, currencies , etc ...

Do you want to offer our goods right at your own e-shop and under your own name ?!?

Do not you have enough funding for excessive inventory investments?

We have prepared for you all the absolute novelty in the form of the Dealer Program *, where you can make a lot of money!

We do not have to keep our warehouses , we save time and money for you!

At the moment, there are thousands of clothes in the e-shop and we add tens to hundreds of new items per day .

Deletion of goods is automatic.

Adding goods we are in charge of My.

Your task is only to promote your e-shop and look for customers.

Is this an interesting offer for you?

If interested, we will look forward to possible cooperation.

For more detailed information, please contact us:

Info line wholesale: +420 724 047 521

Info e-mail wholesale:

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Job offers: Dealer / Dealer

We offer the opportunity to work in our company wholesale clothing

- fixed salary, sales premium, advantageous rental of corporate flat, bargaining, business phone and car.

- we require: secondary education, communicativeness, independence, sales experience, driving license sk. B

- more info at e-mail: (you can send a resume)

List of collaborating sites:

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